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Our store opened since the year of 2002; it has been 11 years history till now and it is one of the oldest large qi-gong tui na stores in New York City. If you had a headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and other kinds of pains; if your whole body were fatigue, thinking retarded, over fatigue, and memory lost; if you felt excessive pressure, anxiety, insomnia and neurasthenia, so enjoy our service is your best choice! Chinese qi-gong tui na has thousands years history, which is the traditional qi-gong tui na therapy based on the theory of traditional Chinese Medicine especially on the guidance of Chinese traditional medicine’s the subject of zang-fu viscera of meridian and collateral. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that main and collateral channels is the general term for human body’s meridian and vasculature and collaterals which connect channels, is Qi and blood running path. If Qi and blood smoothly run through the main collateral channels people would be healthy, otherwise there would be discomfort and disease. Our qi-gong tui na services are based on the needs of customers, on human body’s acupoints of main and collateral channels and some certain parts with specific push, press and rub; play the benefits of joint, Qi and blood, viscera and bowels and balance Yin and Yang; in order to achieve the purpose of warding of disease, maintaining health and physical fitness. Our services include: neck shoulder rub, back rub and whole body rub. With our services, you can get effects instantly in the relief of pain, relieving stress, improving sleep and revitalizing energy.

Provide you with the perfect qi-gong tui na services are our tireless pursuit!

Wow. I’ve never tried a Chinese qi-gong tui na parlor before. And I can honestly say, I’ll never go back to the lame beauty salon qi-gong tui na that cost hundreds. This place is a gem. Not fancy, but the qi-gong tui na is great quality!! My back and shoulders are transformed. I left feeling so relaxed and refreshed. My only complaint is about myself for getting 45 minutes instead of 60.

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